Joyce Watkins.....Ocean Beach Dreamer

"art and dreams intersect in my love is to put them into form, in words or discover the illusive feelings that simmer beyond.

i began my journey into art a few years ago.....taking classes with artists at the san diego watercolor society and the athenaeum in la jolla.  watercolor was chosen for its portability and spontenaity...i wanted a medium that had a life of its own... and that i have found in watercolor.  most of my work i do out of town, the city detracts from my creativity.  i want to give the feelings of space, peace....tranquility. i go places where i feel those qualities... and there the art is born.

art is a spiritual path...that connection with the creator, the stillness that allows the muse to appear.  it is a meditation and a discipline". 

Joyce divides her time between Kona, Hawaii, San Blas, Mexico and Ocean Beach, California.  You can contact Joyce at


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